Borrow from Other Libraries

There may be times when you want to borrow from another BC Library:

  1. You happen to be visiting another BC Library.
  2. You couldn’t find what you were looking for in your home library.

Visiting Other BC Libraries

If you’re on the road and find yourself in another BC public library, you can easily borrow items. The best part is that you can return these items to any other BC public library, so if you’re traveling through BC, it’s easy to drop items off as you go. We call this program BC OneCard. For more information on how to do this, check our BC OneCard page (please note that borrowing policies may vary slightly between various libraries).

Requesting Books to be Delivered to Your Home Library

Interlibrary Connect 

Houston Public Library has made it easy for you to request items from other libraries simply by using our online catalogue. When searching for a title, our catalogue will automatically search other BC public libraries. For an expanded search of all participating libraries, change the Library: search box to “BC Interlibrary Connect.” Simply click the “Place Hold” button next to the item you wish to borrow, regardless of where that item is located, and it will be sent to Houston Public Library for you to pick up or you can specify another pickup library for your convenience. You may decide how you would like to be notified of your items’ arrival in your MyAccount  settings and track your hold requests from other libraries.


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