Meeting Room Rentals

The Canfor Room is available for rent for the following rates:

Non-profit clubs and organizations:

Half-day (4 hours or less):  $15.00

Full day (over 4 hours): $30.00


Businesses, Government Agencies:

Half-day (4 hours or less):  $75.00

Full day (over 4 hours): $125.00



Same as Non-profit (see above)


The Canfor Room is equipped with 40 folding chairs, 20 kids’ chairs, 4 folding tables, 4 wooden tables, two kids’ tables, a multi-media projector, screen, 41″ flat-screen TV.  Tea kettle, coffee pot and mugs are also available.  No extra charge is levied for the use of any of the equipment.

A laptop is also available for presentations if required.  Please let the staff know if you need it.


32′ X 20′



Individuals, organizations and businesses are welcome to reserve the Canfor Room for meetings, sales presentations, parties (no cooking facilities) or other events.

User groups who book the room for more than 4 events may apply to install temporary storage for equipment/supplies.  Restrictions apply.  Please call the Library Director for more information.

All individuals, organizations and businesses must agree to take full responsibility for any damage incurred during use of the Canfor Room.

Rental fees must be paid in advance.

The Houston Public Library requires 24 hours notice of cancellation.  No refund will be issued if less than 24 hours’ notice if given.

Houston Public Library programs take priority and the library reserves the right to cancel any Canfor Room booking with 48 hours notice should the occasion arise.  A full refund of rental fees will be issued in such cases.