Chapter and Verso

So Long, HPL.

Last Updated 2016/05/06

Public libraries are very special places. Few other places unite ideas, tastes and cultures the way that public libraries do. Few other places foster intellectual independence the way that public libraries do. Few other places encourage creativity the way that public libraries do. Public libraries are incredible sources of resourcefulness and innovation. No matter what

BC Open Textbooks

Last Updated 2016/03/04

It’s March.  The academic year will be winding down for post-secondary students soon.  But come the fall, students all over BC will be looking for textbooks and hoping they can afford to buy them.  In recent years, used textbooks have offered some relief to some students, but when a syllabus for a course changes and

Connecting Through Technology

Last Updated 2016/02/09

Recently, I embarked on a new journey of discovery.  I enrolled in the InfoPeople course called:  Using Technology for Community Engagement.  This short course (2 weeks) presented me with the tools and techniques for creating podcasts, videos and broadcasting events for the library.  And I had a blast! The first module consisted of making a

Welcome a-Board!

Last Updated 2016/01/07

Public libraries are nothing without their Boards of Trustees.  Literally! The BC Library Act requires all public libraries to have boards.  No board, no library.  It’s as simple as that. The Library Act states: 35  (1) The library board is to consist of (a) not fewer than 5 or more than 9 members, elected by

Fine Free Month

Last Updated 2016/01/08

Every year during the month of February, we waive the fines on any and all overdue items that are returned between the 1st and 28th.  We call it Fine Free Month and this year you all get an extra day to get your overdue items back to us and wiggle out from under that heavy

You’re In the Zone

Last Updated 2016/01/08

The Inter-library Loan (ILL) program has been around for ages and ages.  Originally, requests by public libraries to borrow material for their patrons from other public libraries was brokered by the intrepid staff at the Public Library Services Branch (PLSB)*.  As technology improved, an amazing product called OutLook On-line was developed that allowed libraries to

The Game is Afoot!

Last Updated 2016/01/06

Remember when you were a kid and the family gathered to play board games and cards games?  I do.  They were some of the best times I had growing up.  Spoons!  Rummoli!  Uno!  Rummy!  Monopoly!  All the classics.  It was fun. Have you ever wondered where this pasttime came from?  Well, believe it or not

Happy New Year

Last Updated 2016/01/05

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that the holidays are over and life is returning to its regular routine, it’s time also to start implementing those New Year Resolutions we’ve all made. Right? This year I have a few things on my list that I would like to change, both in my personal life and here

Fine-free Love!

Last Updated 2015/03/27

Don’t you just hate it when you forget to bring your books back and those pesky fines start piling up?  You’re so excited about the new James Patterson or Janet Evanovich novel and – BAM! – the Circulation Clerk says, “I’m sorry, but you’re over your fine threshold.  You can’t take that out until you

Holiday Gift Ideas! (From the library?)

Last Updated 2014/12/05

It’s that time of year again.  That time when people run around frantically trying to find just the right gifts for all the people on their lists. And there is always that one name on the list that is impossible to buy for.  The person who has everything.  The picky person who hates everything.  The